CAANZ Code of Ethics, Practices and Obligations

Posted 25 September 2013.

​One of the challenges facing the communications industry is the way it is sometimes perceived by clients and society more broadly. We believe it is time to do something about this.

To download the code, click here.

​The Code has been developed as part of the CAANZ Executive Board’s long-term programme to more clearly demonstrate the value member agencies make to New Zealand business and society.

Our objective in creating the code is to provide an overt and publicly stated set of guidelines for members to operate within as part of a broader process of repositioning perceptions of the industry.

The code outlines a set of broad principles that our members support and covers a range of areas including;

  • Support of society, consumers, self-regulation and employees
  • Support of CAANZ’s work
  • Public criticism of the industry
  • Relations with clients
  • Relations with the media, and suppliers
  • Relations between member agencies

For more information, please contact Paul Head, CAANZ CEO