Media Awards 2013 | Convener of Judges Lew Bentley & CAANZ CEO Paul Head

The Beacon Awards 2014: Application to Judge

Posted 20 January 2014.

Download Background document here.

Download Application Form here.

In 2012 the CAANZ Media Committee introduced the process of asking interested individuals to apply for or nominate judges for the preliminary and category round of judging. This proved extremely successful, so continues each year.


Each year we receive a large number of entries. Substantial time and effort is dedicated to writing award entries and judging the awards therefore carries a high level of responsibility. It also requires a large number of experienced industry people to review the papers entered.

To ensure we select the best people to represent the industry, and in line with international best practice, all local judges who are interested in judging are now required to submit an application or be nominated by a peer. Judges will be selected by the CAANZ Beacon Awards Committee and notified of their acceptance to participate in the preliminary and/or category rounds. Unfortunately due to the large number of applications, not all are applicants are successful.

Judges will be selected from the senior ranks of industry (from media and creative agencies as well as media owners and clients) to participate in the preliminary round of judging.

For the category round, teams will be assigned to judge entries by category. Judges will be primarily selected on merit, but the teams will be representative of the entire industry, with a spread between large and small media agencies. For an alternate perspective, media owners, clients and agency partners will also be invited to join the category round teams.

Team leaders (known as an Executive Judge) are also selected to lead their group at category day judging. They will be asked to not only moderate their group’s discussion at category round judging, but also join the Executive Judging panel to meet and review those entries that have been nominated to receive metal and ensure consistency is across the board across all categories.

Executive Judges are made up on non-agency personnel.


Preliminary round

This first stage of judging is to identify which entries should progress to the next phase, the ‘Category’ round. Each paper is read by 8-10 different judges and marked out of 100 according to the judging criteria.

If selected as a preliminary round judge, you will be required to attend a judging session on one of the following days (depending upon where you are based):

Wellington: Tuesday 11th March 2014: 8.30am – 12.30pm OR 1.30pm – 5.30pm

Auckland: Wednesday 12th March 2014: 8.30am – 12.30pm OR 1.30pm – 5.30pm

Category round judging

This round is to identify the Gold and Silver winners for each category.

A small and experienced panel of judges will be assigned specific categories whereby they re-read and score all papers as well as discuss each paper in the context of others in the same category. Judges will be expected to judge more categories than in previous years. An Executive judge will be appointed as ‘team leader’ to moderate each group.

If selected for this round, you will need to be available to judge in Auckland on Wednesday 26th March 2014 (full day).

Executive Judging round

Re-introduced in 2013, the team leaders (as selected by members of the Beacon Award Committee) at Category round judging will form the Executive Judging panel. Executive judging will take place on Monday 31st March (8.30am to 12.00 pm).

Application Forms

If you would like to be considered as a judge, or nominate someone to be considered, please complete the application form and submit it to by Wednesday 12th February 2014. Please ensure you are available to judge on the dates outlined above and pop a note in your calendar that you may be judging across the time you have selected.

All judges will be notified by email on Tuesday 18th February whether they have been successful in being selected as a judge.

Please note that if you are successful in being selected as a judge, you cannot appoint a proxy.

We appreciate the time you donate to judging awards and thank you for your support of our industry.