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The Global Effie Effectiveness Index 2013

Posted 17 December 2013.

The Effie Effectiveness Index identifies and ranks the marketing communications industry’s most effective agencies, advertisers and brands by analysing finalist and winner data from worldwide Effie Award competitions.

Launched in June 2011, the Index has been compiled by Effie Worldwide in partnership with Warc, the global marketing intelligence service.

The Effie Effectiveness Index can be used to reveal the most effective agencies, advertisers and brands globally, regionally, in specific countries, or even in different product categories.

How the Rankings are compiled: A ranking system has been established that will reward not only Effie winners, but it rewards Effie finalists as well. Only Effie finalists and winners that have met Effie Worldwide-approved judging criteria are eligible for inclusion in the Index.

All company credits will be used to tally Index results. It’s critical that all companies are credited properly - whether lead - co lead or contributing. We strongly advise that entrants communicate with their other agency offices, corporate office, and /PR department to ensure all agency names are entered correctly. This information should be communicated with contributing companies as well.


Primary vs. Contributing Agencies: The Effie Award competition rules allow for up to six different companies to be credited on an Effie entry. A maximum of two agencies can be credited as the lead or “Primary Agency”, the main driver(s) of the submitted work. Agencies not listed as the Primary Agency are recognised as “Contributing Agencies”. A maximum of four companies can be credited as a “Contributing Agency”.

Points Structure: Points for the 2012 Effectiveness Index were distributed as follows:

Primary agencies, advertisers and brands receive:

Grand Effie Winner/Platinum Winner 12 Points

Gold Effie Winner 8 Points

Silver Effie Winner 6 Points

Bronze Effie Winner 4 Points

Effie Finalist 2 Points

Contributing agencies receive:

Grand Effie Winner/Platinum Winner 6 Points

Gold Effie Winner 4 Points

Silver Effie Winner 3 Points

Bronze Effie Winner 2 Points

Effie Finalist 1 Point

Where points are allocated in New Zealand, they will be allocated on the same basis as above to ensure consistency with the Global Effie Effectiveness Index.

When multiple agency offices are credited on a single winner/finalist record, agency networks and holding companies will receive only one set of points towards their respective ranking.

For more information on the Effie Effectiveness Index, please visit http://effieindex.com/AboutUs.info