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The Machine 2014 - Selling Ideas - Register now!

Posted 17 December 2013.

Presented by Dr Wayne Lotherington – Allsorts Habit Creation™

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Dates – Monday 21st and Tuesday 22nd July 2014, Auckland

Member Cost - $1800 + GST

Non-Member Cost - $2,300 + GST

Venue: Stamford Plaza

Of all the things to sell, ‘Creativity’ is the hardest and for some reason the better the idea, the harder it is to sell.

• So how do you sell an Idea that no one can see, touch or try?
• How do you help people see a benefit in something they often can’t even understand?
• How do you stop them buying ordinary Ideas and start them buying your best Ideas?

The answer is The MAChINE.

The MAChINE is a creative selling workshop that was developed by advertising people for the advertising industry. MAChINE is an acronym for our selling method. You will find that when your people follow this method, their presentations are better structured for easier understanding and that there is a natural connection between what the ad has to achieve - the challenge and the Idea itself.

Workshop Objectives

• To help your people sell your best Creative or best Media Ideas
• To understand what clients are looking for in Ideas
• To build the confidence of those selling ideas and how to win trust
• To provide a method that your people can employ, practice and master
• To enable more unified team presentations by showing how Media, Creative and Strategy work together.

Workshop Content - Not surprisingly, the workshop is themed to Machines

• The importance of selling your best ideas
• Building trust at a company level: agency to client
• Establishing and using a personal relationship in selling
• How to ensure the client sees the idea is relevant to the target market
• Establishing criteria to judge the idea in order to reduce subjectivity
• Separating the Idea from the execution
• Using the MAChINE approach to maximize the chances of selling creative and media ideas
• Practice sessions with professional coaching for each person.

Target Audience

Recommended for those who sell communication concepts or marketing Ideas including Account Management, Creative and Media people with a minimum of 2 years’ experience.